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8th May 2017

Lucas achieves even BIGGER milestone of 1.5million hours of safe working

Following on from the success of our comprehensive health and safety regimes where we managed to clock up over one million hours of safe work without a reportable accident or incident; we have done it again by reaching over 1.5million hours of safe work!

At Lucas, we are constantly beating expectations by going above and beyond to ensure we maintain and hit top performance marks in our individual project health and safety league tables. When we reached our one million milestone, we were proud. To reach a 1.5million milestone, we are even more ecstatic.

“Safety as standard” is an important daily Lucas regime which forms part of our Workforce Engagement Programme. We adhere to an externally monitored safety training programme and maintain an all-encompassing matrix monitoring every operative’s competencies, qualifications, safety awareness and upskilling.

We take our health and safety very seriously here at Lucas. Whether it’s a major incident, or a minor incident, we will always encourage our operatives to report and photograph any “near misses” no matter how big or small. We do this by using an easy to use smartphone app that automatically feeds back the information to our safety leadership team to analyse, spot trends and learn from the experience which all helps to prevent accidents.

“Well, we’ve done it again and I couldn’t be more proud of the team” commented Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Lucas. “We are always encouraging high health and safety procedures and regimes within our establishment, all for a very good reason. If we keep achieving major results like this, then we know we have done our job properly!

Now to aim for two million!”