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23rd August 2018

Lucas Showcases Its Virtual Design and Construction Capabilities

The new Lucas Visitor and Learning Centre is now showcasing our comprehensive virtual design and construction (VDC) capabilities to visitors taking part in our headquarters tours.

VDC allows our fit out specialists to build up realistic “fly through” models of prospective projects so that clients gain a highly realistic three dimensional view of their planned builds. It helps them, their architects and specifiers with their visualisations, detailed planning and specifications.

We are collaborating closely on VDC with Cityscape Digital, a specialist in “Accurate Visual Representations” for the property and construction sectors.

It means our fit out teams develop clients’ outline drawings into our own highly detailed construction plans. We now also pull out our own specific responsibilities on much larger construction projects and using VDC, insert detailed plans and specifications back seamlessly into the overall building information model (BIM) used by all the other project members such as the construction manager, architects and structural engineers.

Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Lucas, said: “This technologically advanced planning method is a much quicker and more accurate way of working up projects. It allows everybody involved to see everything and brings building plans to life.”