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2nd October 2019

Tour the world of Lucas

Lucas issues a warm welcome to visitors to its Wrotham HQ with the launch of a tour programme specially assembled for clients, designers, architects, specifiers and construction professionals. The tour opens up a world of possibilities in fit out and finishing.

The ground-breaking Lucas Innovation Centre showcases a wealth of colours and textured surfaces and features the launch of a new generation of exciting coatings and finishes.

Soft touch treatments are on show that transform the touch and feel of hard surfaces. Visitors can create a tactile surface using one of Lucas’s crushed glass coatings that glisten like diamonds. Or choose any colour – literally ANY colour - under the rainbow at the new tech bar.

The Innovation Centre also features faux finishes that look like suede, stone or metal. These wonderfully innovative bespoke solutions can be seen on projects like the Bloomberg building in the City and Bluewater Shopping Centre.

It is also possible to explore and experience the latest surface treatment technologies such as sound-deadening coatings that can be simply painted on walls and ceilings.

Lucas technicians are on hand to demonstrate sustainable and durable coatings for life cycle maintenance programmes, and create sample materials and mock-ups to take away.

Other tour stops include Lucas’s brand new 3D printing centre, there’s a peep behind the scenes at the company’s tech labs. And the Visitor and Learning Centre is a great place to see what new technologies and new construction techniques have to offer.

The Lucas Tour provides hands-on experiences, helping you create new possibilities for your development projects. There are construction mock-ups and offsite Pods to explore. Or immerse yourself in imagined settings experienced through virtual reality. The possibilities really are endless.

Lucas HQ is just a 15 minute high speed train ride away from St Pancras to Ebbsfleet and a short Lucas car hop to Wrotham.