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13th November 2014

Top 10 Contract Partners

Following our recent Dulux Trade Contract Partnership workmanship reassessment we are very proud to have achieved a fantastic score of 85%.

This certified status means we have been independently assessed as a quality assured painting contractor. A Dulux Trade Contract Partner is committed to:

• Quality workmanship

• Delivering a professional service

• Continual improvement

• Providing value for money

• Being reliable and trustworthy

This on-going assessment programme and Code of Practice demonstrate how Dulux Trade Contract Partners are working to a consistently high standard of workmanship and professionalism. S. Lucas has worked closely with Dulux in the past including jointly developing innovative brush and roller washout stations that neutralise waste paint, turning it into an inert “biscuit” material than can be disposed of safely. Lucas are also using an innovative environmental bulk paint dispenser on site to reduce the use and disposal of tins on site and to save time.

John Staunton of Dulux said of our achievement “The Dulux Trade Contract Partnership assessment process is extremely stringent, and therefore it is rare that a contractor scores in excess of 85% on an assessment. With this in mind, your score of 85.5% is classed as outstanding, and would position you in the top 10% of our Contract Partners. Dulux Trade Contract Partnership was created so we could work closely with quality contractors who are committed to delivering quality results on every job. From our recent assessment it is clear that your company really supports this ethos, and gives us great pride to be working closely with you.”

Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman & Managing Director of Lucas adds “As part of the Dulux scheme, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing an outstanding professional service to our clients and achieving this score is testament to the hard work and attention to detail of the Lucas team and Lucas’ constant striving to continually develop and be the best we can.”