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6th May 2015

The new Lucas Workforce Engagement Programme

Lucas prides itself on the attention to detail it gives across the company – including the quality of workmanship, the product range, research and development, and employee welfare. To emphasise this, the company highlights its ‘Safety as Standard’ safety initiative which includes the Workforce Engagement Programme is carried across the group.

The company’s aim is to ensure that its excellent safety record remains ‘a passion and a priority’ for all Lucas employees and the initiative comes from the top – Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman and Managing Director. As he states: “We are passionate about the culture of safety at Lucas and our record on this is second to none! “We do not ‘rest on our laurels’,” he continues, “and I am determined to make sure we continually set new high standards.”

Within the workforce engagement programme, case studies are used where preventable accidents have happened. Employees are encouraged to suggest how these accidents could have been prevented. These case studies might also remind employees of incidents in the past when they may have too easily dismissed an incident that they now feel – in hindsight – to have been unsafe.

“It’s all about awareness.” says Danny Lucas. “At home we are always aware of potential safety issues, especially if young children are running around. At work, we should have that same ‘sixth sense’ of a potential hazard that could cause injury to a workmate”.

Employees at all Lucas sites are benefiting from the training, and following completion of the course they are issue with an ID card that includes a QR code with a link to all their safety training records.

Effective safety training is an essential part of the operation of any business, and Lucas believes that everyone should constantly strive to do more to ensure safety is the highest priority in the working day.