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10th July 2013

The Lucas website launches suite of technical coating performance videos

A suite of 11 short technical videos demonstrating the qualities and performance of our range of sustainable surface treatments is now available on the Lucas website.

The videos give practical demonstrations of the qualities of our Muralplast surface treatments such as the protective qualities and breathability of M-Guard, the outstanding adhesive qualities of MSP (multi-surface paint) on a whole range of surfaces, the astonishing effects that can be produced with the liquid metal treatments of Metalplast, or the flexibility afforded by Flex Products.

The brief technical videos provide stand-alone practical demonstrations of these treatments, but they also complement the 15-minute Muralplast CPD Seminar available at the link given below.

By making these demonstrations widely available, Lucas hopes to assist clients and the industry generally with a greater understanding of the technical aspects of our surface treatments that make them so flexible, adhesive, scrub resistant, water repellent and environmentally-friendly. They can be found via the Technical Videos link, found below.

Muralplast Seminar Tech Videos