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29th July 2019

The Lucas Way is the way to go

Lucas is launching a major new internal initiative to ensure an extra focus is made by all team members that will help drive an excellent service in all parts of the business and fuel a continual improvement programme.

The initiative is called The Lucas Way and it brings together all the programmes launched by the company in recent years under one simple approach that can be clearly monitored and ensure top level performance.

Lucas has devised a new poster and online campaign to give direction and inspiration to all team members which has Lucas’s “Lean Culture” at its heart.

There is a focus on five key areas which are health, safety and wellbeing; innovation and technology; quality and excellence; sustainability and environment; and corporate social responsibility. Each part emphasises the initiatives we have taken and adhere to and reminds us all of the responsibilities we must practice to ensure we always “push boundaries to deliver the best”.

Lucas Awards will be given to team members at every quarterly company gathering in each of the five areas and an ultimate gold award will be given to a member of the Lucas team who has pushed the boundaries the most.

Nominations for the awards can be made by any member of the Lucas team through our Team app and a scoring matrix has been built up to measure individual efforts against Lucas’s corporate values.