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9th July 2005

Spray for more efficient contracting

As painting and decorating programmes become ever shorter and competition grows more fierce, we strive to find better ways to provide a cost effective contracting service. To this end, we look back to our roots.

Over the years we have been involved not only with traditional brush- and roller-applied methods but also with spraying. Indeed, spray painting was the reason for the company's foundation over 30 years ago and has continued to be a major feature of our work ever since.We have continually embraced the technical advances in paint spraying and have ensured that we always have available a fleet of vehicles carrying the latest equipment. At the same time, we have also taken steps to ensure that all staff are properly trained - they have all recently successfully completed a Graco training course covering the use of Airless and HVLP techniques.Now spray painting provides the most cost effective method of working in over 60% of the contracts we are involved with - and the figure looks set to rise even further!