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7th July 2015

Scrutinising quality with a focus on project close out

To give our clients visibility of the quality standards we strive for on all of our projects, we have introduced scrutineers hi-viz vests so that our dedicated “quality champions” stand out on site.

Quality is paramount to all Lucas project teams, but the scrutineer’s job is to be an extra pair of eyes for our project managers. Scrutineers will randomly and regularly check and examine works and materials closely and thoroughly throughout the project to ensure that the agreed benchmark standards are being delivered and that specifications are met.

The inspiration to adopt such visibility has been driven by our partnership with McLaren and its F1 motor racing team where scrutineers are always in place to check that race cars meet the exacting standards set by the rules and regulations.

A second related Lucas initiative is to demonstrate our commitment to efficient close out, often an area that can prolong the end of a project. Once a project is at close out phase and the site becomes a PPE free / overshoes zone, our close out teams adopt black Lucas hi-viz “Project Close Out” vests to give our clients clear visibility of our focus on snags, outstanding works and remedial works to ensure the project is 100% complete.

These initiatives provide the reassurance that we are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality, enshrined in our working practices on every project.