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3rd March 2013

Intricate restoration and refurbishment of the Café Royal

S. Lucas has assisted in the careful refurbishment and restoration of the Café Royal in London’s Regent Street. Originally opened in 1865 and rebuilt in the 1920s, the Café Royal is being re-opened as one of London’s most luxurious hotels.

We were appointed by the Café Royal’s construction manager, Mace, to undertake a tightly-scheduled refurbishment of the feature six-storey helical stairs which rise up inside the eastern side of the hotel. Our restoration team brought the complex handrails and spindles of the staircase back to life by hand burnishing all the brass work and painting all the risers.

We also renovated, replastered and decorated the walls of the lobbies served by the staircase at each level of the hotel and refurbished and French polished all the lobby doors.

Following the successful completion of this work, we will shortly start the complete restoration of what was known as the County Fire Office within the building, and which is due to be the feature entrance to the Café Royal’s luxurious new spa and health club.

We are well known for our similar work on a range of historic buildings and hotels, not least for the intricate work we carried out for the recent refurbishment of the Savoy Hotel.