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14th June 2021

Lucas joins founders beta testing mind fitness app Ownminder

Lucas has joined a small group of construction companies to test and help develop a new mind fitness app called Ownminder.

Ownminder is being developed by Dr Vanessa Moulton, a chartered psychologist and expert in the field of mind fitness and Tom Storey, a strategic consultant in the construction and property sector.

Ownminder is aimed specifically at workers in construction and property. Its starting point is that mind fitness is just as important as physical fitness. So that if time is spent building and strengthening mind fitness in the first place, this will contribute towards preventing mental ill health.

The intention is that all workers from the firms taking part are introduced to Ownminder. They are brought on board to the Ownminder app through initial short introductory mind fitness videos, delivered primarily onsite, just like health and safety briefings.

Content will also be provided for toolbox talks to create long term engagement and conversations around mind fitness. Workers will be encouraged to complete a questionnaire that leads them to the tools relevant to them that will bolster their mind fitness strengths and enhance life both in and out of work. Further functions are also being developed.

“We need to help shift attitudes so that we don’t automatically associate mental health with mental problems, but instead consider psychological health on a continuum, and exercise our minds positively just like we do our bodies”, said Dr Moulton.

Danny Lucas said: “Just as we look after our bodies and eat the right foods to prevent illness, so the brain needs to be looked after and mind fitness is vital in helping us maintain good mental health. I am absolutely committed to helping shape the roll out of Ownminder to the wider industry as well as to the Lucas team. I have no doubt it will be game-changing.”

The new app is backed by an advisory group of several companies including Sellar Properties and Legal & General. Beta testing will continue for a couple of months then Ownminder will be formally launched.