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5th June 2015

Lucas sees Red

There has been further endorsement of the new ProFinish paintbrush from Lucas ProTools with the news that this product has won a prestigious Red Dot Award : Product Design 2015.

In a letter to Danny Lucas, managing director of Lucas, the Founder and CEO of Red Dot – Professor Dr. Peter Zec – says: “With your product you showed uncompromising competency as it has measured itself successfully against the best in the industry.” As a winner of the Red Dot Honourable Mention Award the ProFinish will be featured in Red Dot's Design Yearbook, the Red Dot Museum in Essen Germany and also the Red Dot Museum in Singapore.

The brush encompasses many innovative details - brush filaments are made from a material called Chinex – a synthetic bristle mix from DuPont – which are oval shaped, tapered and flagged to hold and apply the paint easily, consistently and smoothly.

Made from aluminium, the patented seamless ferrule features two embossed brush rest dimples on one side creating a small gap when the brush is rested on a flat surface, obviating the risk of paint marks being left on surfaces, and an etched serial number so every individual brush can be registered.

The ergonomically designed handle is made from beech wood that has been sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber.

Danny is obviously delighted with this award. As he states: “It has been a real team effort bringing this product to the market. The research and development were immense, and we knew we had created something special when the brush was released to the market. As a specialist finishing company we always strive to be the best - one reason why I set about to create a range of tools that really is a quality piece of equipment, that provides users with a tool they can rely on and will treasure.”

To emphasise the tribute made to ProFinish, Red Dot told Danny: “With 4,928 innovative entries from 1,994 participants from 56 countries in 2015 alone, the Red Dot Award: Product Design is now not only the largest and most recognised product competition in the world, but also the most international.”

“This is a true honour for Lucas,” says Danny, “and we sincerely thank Red Dot for this prestigious award, and their kind recognition of the ProFinish.”

“My thanks also go out to everyone at Lucas involved in the development of the paintbrush.” Danny states. “Their dedication, expertise and commitment has produced a product that we all knew was something special ... and the Red Dot award confirms that fact.”

This award winning paintbrush can be purchased through the ProTools website

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