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28th August 2019

Lucas measures its carbon footprint

Lucas has commissioned a specialist environmental appraisal firm to measure the company’s carbon footprint and has subsequently offset this to become carbon neutral.

The appraisal covered all the company’s activities at HQ and out on site for the calendar year 2018 and Lucas’s total equivalent carbon dioxide emissions came to 117.77 tonnes. That’s equivalent to 3.93 tonnes per £million of turnover.

By far the biggest single contribution to our carbon footprint came from our fleet of vans that run between Lucas HQ and our project sites. Other main sources were use of private vehicles on Lucas business and energy use at HQ.

We understand that our emission levels are quite good for a company of our size but we are determined to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our fleet of vans has been upgraded to the highest Eurocat 6 level for low emissions and our logistics and consolidation centre has helped us cut down on journeys travelled. In fact we have been able to reduce our vehicle fleet, partly as a result of managing to have well over 90% of our supplies delivered directly from source to site.

Lucas is actively reducing the use of private cars for company business and taking special measure at HQ to reduce energy consumption. All lights for example have been converted to low energy LEDs.

Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman and Managing Director, said: “I felt it is important that we know the extent of our carbon footprint. We’ll have it monitored every year and I’m determined we will see a reduction in total emissions.”