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2nd June 2021

Lucas joins the British Irish Trade Alliance of like-minded companies

Lucas has joined an international network of like-minded companies that value integrity, transparency, generosity and passion in their business dealings.

The networking organisation is called the British Irish Trade Alliance (BITA) and Lucas has just hosted the inaugural meeting of its Kent Chapter with Danny Lucas joining the local Board.

Paul Whitnell who founded the non-profit organisation says that whilst its aim is to create a network of suppliers and buyers, there is an ecosystem behind it where member companies have a generosity of spirit, concern for the environment and operate to higher values.

The BITA network offers resources including HR, training and procurement services and is building internationally with members in several other countries including Germany, Poland, Dubai, Australia and the United States. It is orchestrating global clean-up events on the 18th and 19th of September.

Danny Lucas told the first meeting of the Kent Chapter: “There are exciting times ahead and it’s clear we are all aligned to the overall purpose of BITA – people who know people who help people.”

Paul Whitnell said: “Danny is clearly a “giver” and it was great to launch the Kent Chapter at Lucas’s fantastic facilities. We have over 500 like-minded members now in the UK and Ireland and this positive business movement is growing fast – it’s really encouraging.”