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26th June 2012

S. Lucas earns “very highly commended” accolade at PDA Trophy Awards 2012

S. Lucas’s complex decorations programme at the new McLaren Production Centre (MPC) at Woking has earned a “very highly commended” award from the Painting and Decorating Association at its Trophy Awards 2012 in the Industrial Category.

Our team completed a succession of packages at the £40 million Foster + Partners designed MPC, applying specialist resin floor treatments as well as other decorative and protective treatments to various parts of the building including the main production halls.

The Painting and Decorating Association said: “It is difficult to understand that this is a production plant. The work, mainly spray applied, is perfect enough to be considered “factory” finished. The cutting in on all areas is very, very good.” The PDA described the centre as “most impressive, leaving the onlooker full of awe and wonder at the total concept.”

One of our most challenging tasks was to treat all high level steelwork within 10 days in the main paint shop whilst the car production line continued its pre-production commissioning programme. To achieve this, Foster + Partners approved our recommendation to adopt the use of our own MSP (Multi Surface Paint) and the PDA has acknowledged the paint chosen in its award.

Following our work on the MPC, S. Lucas Group has become a technology Partner of McLaren, sharing some of its technological know-how and we will continue to work for the sports car and engineering company in the future.