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22nd January 2019

Lucas is fast approaching a fully-fledged digital operating system

Lucas has almost completed its behind-the-scenes transformation into a fully operational digital company. We are at the forefront of developing and exploiting app technologies and progressing our 2020 digital strategy towards running operations on just four apps, making us leaner and more efficient.

Site App gives us complete control over projects. It manages all operatives’ timesheets, onboards new operatives, manages purchase and variation orders from site, and quality control. It allows operatives and contractors to raise alerts and avoid accidents. A back end portal, Project Dashboard, allows us to input information to the app and monitor administration, supplies management and completions. We are all interlinked providing total project involvement and smooth running.

Team App is almost fully introduced. It is interactive and includes engaging videos covering all toolbox talks on health and safety issues. Operatives access a library of documents to support the videos and complete their Workforce Engagement Training. Health assessments (including mental health) are carried out through this app with specialist health support partners. We provide live site-specific and general updates and reminders on video for fast and interactive communications.

Client App evolved from our Colour and Concierge app developed in collaboration with Dulux. It incorporates a visualizer and generates orders and worksheets. It is a valuable tool pre-construction for architects and specifiers and is perfect post completion for building managers under O&M contracts to report, request and price repair and maintenance work. Fast, accurate and streamlined.

The fourth app to run our business is HQ App. We are working in collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI) to develop a fully automated system incorporating all our records and responsibilities, and our databases on suppliers, ensuring we remain compliant with ISO9001 and ISO14001. This will also ensure our suppliers remain compliant too. We expect this app to be fully operational in the Spring when Lucas will become a complete digital company.