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21st June 2018

Lucas Renews its Living Well Alliance with the British Lung Foundation

Lucas Renews its Living Well Alliance with the British Lung Foundation

Lucas has renewed its partnership with the Living Well Alliance, an initiative of the British Lung Foundation (BLF). The Living Well Alliance brings together companies who provide products, devices or treatments that support people to manage their lung conditions. Lucas and Lucas Breathe were one of its founding partners.

Lucas Breathe has been in development for three years. It is a protective treatment for natural stone, concrete and brick surfaces that also cleans the surrounding air. The coating reacts to sunlight in much the same way that plants and trees do, helping to clean the air we breathe.

As well as creating this exciting new product, we want to promote awareness and new initiatives within construction to make a real difference to air quality in our built environment for both construction workers and the people who use the buildings and infrastructure we create.

Therefore we are pleased to be working closely with the BLF and its other partners to raise awareness of lung disease.

All Living Well Alliance members have donated to the BLF to support the charity’s work. We want to help promote the BLF and what it stands for in the construction sector. We are also looking into the prospect of organising ad hoc lung testing on site to check the health of our operators and we are encouraging online breath testing.

The BLF is a small but ambitious charity that helps to transform the lives of people living with a lung condition, and campaigns for awareness and action on air pollution. One of its big successes was to push for smoking in cars to be banned when someone under the age of 18 is also present in the car.

Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Lucas, said: “There is a dire need to improve air quality and Lucas Breathe has been developed as a new protective surface treatment that cleans the surrounding air. With one in five people having to cope with respiratory problems, effective change for how we manage the air in our urban and busy traffic environments can make a big impact on people’s lives”.

Jason Cater, Director of Fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, said: “We’re delighted that Lucas has renewed its partnership with the BLF. Our Living Well Alliance helps to give those who need lung-health support a simple, single access point to some of the best services and advice in the country. It’s thanks to the support of our corporate partners, and everyone who donates to the BLF, that we’re able to continue our vital work to give hope, help and a voice to people suffering with lung disease.”