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1st March 2022

Lucas scores strong result in an audit of our labour practices

Lucas rated 70 out of 75 in a comprehensive audit of its labour practices carried out by the specialist supply chain appraisals organisation, Achilles, on behalf of one of our major clients, Sir Robert McAlpine.

The audit was undertaken in December and January and covered areas such as recruitment, modern slavery and the right to work, wages and benefits, business integrity and ethics, bullying and harassment, occupational health, and working hours.

The audit examined not only our own company practices but checked on how aware we are of labour practices within our own supply chain.

Sir Robert McAlpine initiated the audit because of increasing interest from its own clients wanting assurances across all aspect of best labour practices.

Danny Lucas said: “We were very happy to take part in this examination of the way we employ and look after all our operatives and head office colleagues. I am pleased that our rating was so high. Some minor shortcomings were identified which we’re addressing now. It shows this is a valuable exercise that should be taken up right across the industry.”