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25th June 2021

Lucas commits to Environmental, Social and Governance best practice with its new DISC strategy

Lucas has developed and implemented a new company-wide strategy called DISC which stands for Diversity, Innovation, Sustainability and Collaboration.

It is designed to ensure that everyone at Lucas considers a 360º view of the community and of the environment, and takes responsibility for our actions and the impacts they may have on the wider world around us.

We are driving diversity at Lucas and ensuring that we become a truly inclusive organisation. We embrace innovation with the complete commitment to deliver the best value, quality and efficiency for clients. Our operations are sustainable and we will maintain our annual, independently-assessed “carbon neutral plus” rating, and only invest in new solutions that have a net zero carbon outcome. We work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for our clients and for the wider community.

Danny Lucas said: “As the leader of our organisation I take personal ownership in demonstrating our commitment to this programme. By embedding DISC into every part of Lucas we will provide stakeholders with the assurance and transparency that we will build our future success responsibly, and take into account the ever-changing needs of the community and the world around us.”