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27th October 2016

Lucas tops sustainability league table

Lucas has topped Sir Robert McAlpine’s monthly sustainability league table at the Lillie Square redevelopment project near Earl’s Court two months running.

Our first achievement was in September and more recently we are top again for October with a fantastic 97.73% score.

We are decorating new high end residencies being built at Lillie Square in phase 1 of a 10 year masterplan recreating and reinterpreting traditional garden squares, mansion blocks and townhouses across a spread of new buildings.

We have provided a raft of information connected with our operations on site, from the paint we’ve used and its volatile organic compound (voc) levels, our waste collection record, our environmental toolbox talks, travel to and from the site and even what we spend in the local economy.

Environmental considerations, like health and safety, are an integral part of our on site working practices and our comprehensive project management and monitoring systems back at headquarters, so we are delighted when our efforts are clearly measured and prove so successful.