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12th August 2010

S. Lucas re-launches Muralplast surface treatments

S. Lucas is re-launching the famous Muralplast surface treatment brand with a comprehensive range of advanced coatings and protective finishes for every type of internal and external surface. Muralplast has been a leading name in specialist coatings for building and interior protection and decoration since the 1960s. S. Lucas is the approved applicator and has now brought together a carefully selected group of products providing complete protection and finishing for every type of building surface. The re-launch of Muralplast has been managed by Ron Stewart who for the last ten years was the UK national sales manager at the German mineral paints manufacturer Keim, and the product range will now be developed by senior S. Lucas manager Paul Jearum.

The new full Muralplast range comprises four distinct, environmentally-friendly products. The first, M- Guard, is a range of surface treatments offering protection from the weather, pollution and vandalism. These treatments extend the life of buildings, reduce maintenance cycles and are backed by a 10-year warranty from AXA Insurance. They are particularly valuable for older buildings with a rich heritage to protect. MSP or Multi Surface Paint is a new generation of coatings ideal for architects and other building specifiers, and formulated to provide a consistent finish across the whole range of internal and external surfaces.

S. Lucas is currently painting metal, pipework, ducting, galvanised soffits and masonry at the 2012 Olympic Stadium with MSP coatings. ArmourColor is a range of luxury decorative wall finishes meeting the highest safety and environmental standards and providing interior designers and consumers with a wealth of creative potential. These finishes have been used at Bluewater Shopping Centre, Heron Tower in the City of London and for Mercedes Benz. Finally, M-Tred floor resins provide tough and durable floor finishes, particularly in buildings required to meet the highest health and safety standards or other special regulations. They are ideal for educational, healthcare and pharmaceutical establishments as well as industrial facilities. Danny Lucas, Managing Director of S. Lucas, said: “We now provide architects, designers and contractors with a complete surface treatment advisory service and the full Muralplast range gives them the ability to solve a whole range of decorative and aesthetic problems.”

Muralplast Paint Products