Lucas Breathe

Lucas Breathe

A protective surface treatment that cleans the air with the power of the sun

We are experiencing a severe increase in dangerous levels of pollution from Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) – an irritant gas which can cause inflammation of the airways; being emitted into the atmosphere in high vehicle traffic, high lighting and gas usage areas.

In our current era we experience a 24 hour culture in cities with increased use of

• Vehicles

• Heating

• Lighting

More and more construction projects are emerging around the country and in particular cities, leading to an increase in infrastructure. In turn, this creates a contribution to aiding the economy and increasing population.

We want a cleaner, less polluted and safer world

Lucas Breathe is a coating that can be applied to concrete, natural stone and clay products on facades, ground surfaces and motorway bridges, barriers and ramparts that neutralises the harmful NOx gases with a photocatalytic activity of Titanium Dioxide and natural sunlight into harmless substances: water, CO2 and nitrate salts

• Treatment for external ground surfaces and facades that continually improves air quality.

• PhotoActive® technology counteracts organic threats to your health and comfort

• Invisible and environmentally friendly water based product which forms both a scaffold of surface protection as well as penetrating deep to remain active as long as light is present

• Dramatically reduces VOC’s, traffic Nitrous Oxide, odours and resists the growth of mould.

• Kills airborne spores and allergens to help prevention of asthma and breathing problems

• This unique formulation does not become ‘clogged’ and therefore retains its efficiency for 20+ years.

• Performance underwritten by substantial independent analysis and testing: Queen’s University, Belfast - Removal of nitric oxide - ISO 22197-1:2007.

• Having this product applied will contribute towards WELL certification.

• Lucas breathe has been recognised by The British Lung Foundation and in turn are partners to The Living Well Alliance.

WELL Building Standard