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4th May 2017

Lucas supports Breathe Freely campaign

Lucas is proud to be supporting the Breathe Freely campaign by BOHS; The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection. It’s a campaign to advise workers to stop and make a change by putting work on hold to focus on how the industry can work together to build a healthier and safer industry.

Breathe Freely is a BOHS initiative, aimed at reducing occupational lung disease in the UK, which causes significant debilitating ill-health and an estimated 1,300 deaths per year.

Breathe Freely is about raising awareness both of the problem and how to do something about it: we can protect workers’ health and prevent most of these diseases and deaths.

Construction workers are at high risk from getting lung disease due to the nature of work that they do. In 2015, approximately 3,500 died from cancer caused by past exposures to asbestos, 500 more from silica dust, plus another 5,500 were diagnosed with occupational cancer.

At Lucas, we carry out a number of preventative measures to help prevent lung problems within our projects. For example, we carry out face fit training which ensures that masks fit correctly, so that there is a proper seal around the face so that dust and particles cannot penetrate.

As standard, we always issue relevant breathing safety equipment to our workers as part of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards. We issue a Toolbox Talk document to all our on-site Managers for their morning safety briefs which highlights the benefits of wearing respiratory protective equipment.

Danny Lucas, Executive Chairman & Managing Director commented on the partnership:

“As one of the leading UK construction industry’s leading specialist fit-out and finishing contractors, involvement in such prestigious projects places many expectations upon Lucas, therefore is it paramount to our success that we place a high importance on maintaining both the health and the safety of our workforce. That is why we are proud to support the BOHS-led Breathe Freely campaign, as it seeks to achieve only the very best standards within the industry."

At Lucas, we are passionate about lung safety and air pollution, which is why we innovate products such as Lucas Breathe. For more information on Lucas Breathe visit the website:

For more information on the Breathe Freely campaign, visit the Breathe Freely website: