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21st August 2019

Plamen’s big swim for the British Lung Foundation

Plamen Valchanov Swims the Serpentine for British Lung Foundation

Lucas contracts manager Plamen Valchanov is taking the plunge in the Serpentine to raise money for the British Lung Foundation (BLF). He will swim a full lap of the lake (that’s one mile) in London’s Hyde Park in September as part of Swim Serpentine, a one day open water swimming festival organised for Children with Cancer UK.

Earlier this year Plamen was shocked to find out that he was suffering from pneumonia. He’d been struggling with a cough and continually feeling short of breath.

Plamen said: “It’s only when you’re faced with breathing difficulties that you even think about your lungs. My potential diagnosis of having a long-term condition really made me think about how much we take our breathing for granted.

After my experience I wanted to do something to raise awareness for those living with long-term lung conditions. I’d been a smoker for about 25 years but finally stopped when I first noticed symptoms in February. I had tried to quit before, but becoming more aware of my lung health gave me the push I needed to stop.

I live in a city and feel the effects of air pollution, while my work in construction means I’m often surrounded by dust and fumes. I know this can affect my lungs. I think we should all be aware of about the risks - lung conditions are often invisible illnesses, and I know first-hand just how challenging they can be.”

We wish Plamen the best of luck with his swim. His Just Giving page can be reached via the link below ...

Click Here to Access Plamen's JustGiving Page